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4th Atlantic Conjugate Margins Conference
Delta Hotel and Conference Centre
St. John’s, NL Canada
Wednesday August 20th – Friday August 22nd, 2014

The Atlantic Conjugate Margins Conference started in 2008 to bring industry and academia together to discuss the similarities of basin evolution along conjugate margins. The first three conferences focused on the margins of the North Atlantic. The conference has grown into a major international conference with presentations and posters from key industry players and academic researchers. In 2014, the focus of the conference will expand to include all the margins of the Atlantic.

Session themes for the 4th Conjugate Margins Conference include:

  • Atlantic Margins,
  • Geodynamics,
  • Deepwater Systems,
  • Structural and Tectonic Settings,
  • Petroleum Exploration.

Field trips, poster sessions and an exhibition will accompany the oral presentations. Delegates are encouraged to register early as there are a limited number of field trip slots available and hotel reservations could be an issue as August is the height of the tourist season in St. John’s.


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